We have all seen this happen. You get a car dealership pull tab game that talks about how if you get a certain image in a row or something else lucky happens, you could be a grand prize winner. Often the grand prize is winning a car from a dealership. This brings up a lot of excitement from people who assume that they have won something really great.

The problem is that most of these are not real. Often you have to go in and visit the car dealership to even figure out what your prize is. Even if it states you have won the grand prize, once you get into the dealership, you find out that you misread things or that there really isn’t a grand prize of a free car available. This can leave a sour taste in the mouth of many customers who are excited to win something big.

This is a common bait and switch tactic that a lot of dealerships try to use. They like that they can send out direct mail to their customers and bring a bunch of people through the door. These mailings are often vague enough that it is impossible to tell what the prizes are, and you have to head over to the dealership to figure it out.

Once there, most car dealerships do not have that great of prizes to offer to their customers. If they do offer a prize, there are often a bunch of conditions attached. You may get the prize if you purchase a certain kind of vehicle, for example. Or if they do give a prize, it is something small, like a keychain.

The goal here is not to provide their customers with a great prize they will love. These car dealership pull tab games, and other options similar to it, are all about getting customers in the door. The hope is that enough customers will think they win something or will come in to check, so that the sales team can get to work.

The customers will come in the door and the sales team will try to convince them to look around at some of the inventory. With any luck, they can convert some of these customers into paying customers, making them some sales off a piece of mail that only cost them a few cents to send out.

If you need a new car anyway, then this is not a big deal at all. However, for most people, they get swept up into this and find out that it was all just a trick and a big waste of their time.
The next time you need a car and see a game that says you are winning a car from a dealership, avoid going there and head to visit us at Hartland Automotive Sales. We value your time and won’t play any games with you. Instead, we focus on finding you the right vehicle for your needs, without any of the gimmicks.