While car dealership services have gotten a bad reputation, they are not a rip off. In fact, going to a dealership to have your vehicle serviced is often the best idea. They have specialized mechanics who know how to work specifically with your make and model of vehicle. This helps provide you with the best service compared to any other mechanic who may know how to generally work with vehicles but isn’t a specialist on your specific vehicle. If you want to make sure you get the best service and maintenance possible on your vehicle, and you live near a dealership, it is best if you can visit there for all your car repair needs.

Can You Trust a Dealership Mechanic?

It is easy to worry about whether you are being charged for unnecessary car maintenance on your vehicle. The average person does not know enough about their vehicle to understand when they are getting something important fixed on the vehicle. They worry about can you trust a dealership mechanic or how to know if your mechanic is scamming you.

The best thing to do is find a mechanic you can trust. There are often many mechanics in your area and you need to choose the right one. This will help you figure the right one for your needs. If you do use a dealership, you get some peace of mind knowing they have to maintain the reputation of the car manufacturer when repairing your vehicle, which can provide you exceptional service.

Should I Service My Car at a Dealership

Most dealerships will provide you with high-quality service to make sure you get the best care for your car. Often going to a dealership that provides services specifically to your make and model of vehicle will ensure you get the best mechanic to do the job. They know how to specifically work with your type of car, helping to provide the best maintenance to your vehicle.

Do Dealerships Service Cars Before Selling?

Many dealerships will service cars before they sell them again. This helps to make sure there are no major issues with the vehicle and can prevent their customers from getting a bad car. This also protects them because of something goes wrong right after you take the car off the lot, they are the ones held liable for it. You may also find that dealerships will wash cars after service, whether they are giving the vehicle back to you or they plan to sell it. The nicer the vehicle looks when they are done servicing, the better it looks on them.

While some mechanics may try to overcharge for their services, you can always trust us at Hartland Automotive Sales. We know how important your vehicle is to you and work hard to provide you with some of the best service possible each time. Whether you are purchasing a new vehicle from us or you need something on your current vehicle fixed, we are able to help you right away. 

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