It is important to keep up on the tire maintenance of your vehicle. If your tires are not filled properly or you do not change them out when they start to wear, it could lead to a difficult time with driving and will even lead to accidents when the road gets wet and slippery from rain and snow and ice. At Hartland Automotive Sales, we are happy to help you change your tires or fill them up when necessary to make sure your vehicle stays safe on the road.

How to Fill Your Tires

Filling your tires is not too difficult and many car owners are able to do it themselves. You may need a pressure gauge so you know how much air to add into the tire and when to stop adding more air inside. You can use your own air pump if you would like, though many gas stations, and our own shop, can provide a powerful air pump to make this easier.

When ready, you simply go to the chosen spot and release the cap on the tire. Add the pipe for the air pump to the tire and turn it on. Pay attention to how the tire is filling up, checking it a few times with the pressure gauge to see where your tires are. When it is at the right pressure, turn the air pump off, put the cap back on and you are good to go!

How to Change Your Tire

If the tire is old or completely flat, you may need to completely change out the tire. If you are not already in a safe spot, then get yourself over to one. Then you need to take off the cover of the wheel and loosen the lug nuts, not removing them completely. Then it is time to place the jack properly by following your owner’s manual. Add some wood under this to keep it safe and then raise the car to give the tire some clearance; about six inches will do.

To remove the tire, you can remove the lug nuts and put them down somewhere safe. use both hands to pull the flat towards you and off the car, setting to the side. From here, you can line the spare to the wheel bolts and push into place. Add the lug nuts on, tightening the bolts, but not completely tight until you lower the car.

When the tire is in place, lower the car on the jack so it is to the ground. Tighten all the lug nuts completely and then replace the wheel cover. Check the tire pressure to make sure everything is safe before you drive away.

If you are worried about the air pressure in your vehicle or your tires are ready to get changed, then it is time to contact us at Hartland Automotive Sales. Our professionals are here to help get the work done to keep your car safe on the road. 

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