When something goes wrong with your vehicle, it is important to get the work taken care of right away. Some people go to their trusted mechanic, while others like to wait to visit the dealership to get the issue taken care of. At Hartland Automotive Sales in Elkhart, Indiana, we are happy to help you with all of your car needs. Visit us today to get your vehicle looked over or to purchase your next car!

Do I need to use a dealership?

Many car owners believe that they have to work with a dealership any time they have a problem with the car or they need it serviced. There are some benefits to working with the exact dealership that you purchased the vehicle. Sometimes they do have better service. And if you have some kind of warranty on the car at all, then you may need to visit the dealership in order to get the work done rather than using a mechanic.

However, working with a dealership is not always the best option. Without a warranty on the vehicle, which can often cost a lot more money when you purchase the car, you may end up with spending a lot more money if you try to take the car to a dealership. There is nothing wrong with using a dealership if you want, but you do need to remember that it is fine to take your vehicle to another mechanic if they cost less and are closer to your home location.

Will other mechanics be able to take care of my vehicle?

In most situations, you can use any mechanic you would like to help service and take care of your vehicle. Unless you have a very specialty vehicle, such as a Tesla electric car, you can take your vehicle in anywhere that you would like without a problem. This gives you a lot more options.

Many people are willing to travel a little bit in order to find the right vehicle for them. This gives them more options. However, it may result in the dealership being too far away for regular maintenance of the vehicle. Or, the car owner may have their own mechanic they already trust to take care of all their car problems.

If this sounds like you, it is perfectly fine to work with another mechanic in order to take care of the vehicle. Dealers may provide a little extra care and attention, but they also are far away, picky about what they will fix, and can cost more than anyone else. To save a lot of time and money, a local mechanic may be the best option.

At Hartland Automotive Sales, we are happy to take care of all your vehicle needs. We understand how valuable your vehicle is to you and how much you need it to get to work, school, and to run errands. No matter where you purchased your vehicle, we are here to help. 

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