If you are in the market for purchasing your first car, you may have come across loads of tips guiding you to make the best purchase. Most of the information shared to first-time vehicle buyers is trustworthy and helpful, however not all is true. Some myths about when and how to buy a car continue spreading regardless of them being false to reality. Here are five of the most common myths about buying a new car that you should know.

Myths About Buying a New Car

  • The Best Deals are Only Found on the Internet
The internet is indeed a one-stop location for some of the best deals in multiple industries, including cars. However, it is false to claim that you cannot find worthy and attractive deals off the internet since not all sellers have an active internet profile. The internet only helps car dealers share the preset values of the vehicles to be sold, and other vital functions involved in the process require direct interaction.

  • You Must Have Complete Financing
Another misconception spread when buying a new car is that you need to have complete financing before approaching the seller. Most car dealerships offer discounts and friendly interest rates to their customers, meaning that you can still get a new car without complete financing. If you bring your funding to the agreement, the seller will be more lenient to expound your knowledge on the available discounts, meaning you will not get the best deal on your purchase.

  • Tricking the Dealership is the Only Approach for a Good Deal
A more significant percentage of car buyers are unaware that car dealerships care more about their customers than cars. They are fully motivated to selling automobiles that they enter into transactions not to exploit customers but to offer the best deal possible. Also, these dealerships handle hundreds of car sales every year, meaning that the chances of success for your trickery plans are low. Try and focus on getting the ideal vehicle that fits perfectly within your budget.

  • End Month is the Best Time to Make a Purchase
This myth is not entirely false, as some dealerships offer the best deals during the end month as they try to meet their quota. If a dealership has already met its quarter, the advice becomes false, and prices will remain the same. There is no definitive approach to knowing if the costs will be low or up, making the tip unreliable.

  • Cash is King
Buying a new car with cash is an advantage as some dealerships offer cash-only incentives. However, for firms offering incentives on financing and cash, the former delivers a greater benefit than the latter. It will help if you select a car that fits into your financing budget instead of getting one with the best sticker price to better value money.

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Buying a car is one of the most significant purchases in our lives that we have to get right. It’s like purchasing a property. To get the best car, a lot of research and preparation is vital. Honing your negotiating skills is also essential to ensure you get the best price.

The decision to save a bit of some needed cash and buy an old gem or choose the intoxicating smell of a new automotive is not easy. However, although the initial costs of buying a new car may be higher, it is cost-effective in the long run.

In this post, we will look at five common myths associated with buying a new vehicle.

New Vehicles Depreciate Quickly

It is partially true that a new vehicle depreciates the moment you drive it home. However, it is essential to note that the depreciation should not be a matter of concern if you plan on owning the vehicle for a long time. For instance, depreciation should not affect your costs if you plan to buy a car that you will drive for the next eight years. Depreciation only matters when you intend to sell the vehicle immediately.

Buying a Car Online Gives You the Best Deal.

Since the onset of the pandemic, online car sales have increased significantly. Thanks to an increase in e-commerce car buying sites, buying a car online has never been easier. However, does that translate to a better deal? While many online car buying sites offer some of the lowest prices, they do not include interest rates, warranty and trade-in values. This could translate to higher costs than those negotiated at a dealership.

Cash is King

Most people believe that having cash at hand gives you the best deal when buying a car through a dealer. Although some dealerships offer discounts for cash payments, not all of them do. Ensure you enquire about all the cash discounts and financing options available at the time. When cash discounts are available, you can benefit from an all-cash purchase.

The Best Time to Buy Is at the End of the Month.

Car dealerships operate differently and may offer special incentives depending on specific quotas such as sales. Although some dealerships offer end of the month discounts, it is not common. Therefore, the price at the beginning of the month will remain the same at the end of the month.

Buy Now, or the Deal Will Disappear.

Another common myth is that you can never get a good deal once a special offer elapses. The truth is that there is never a lost opportunity when it comes to buying a new vehicle. You should never put yourself under pressure to meet the criteria for a specific deal. In most cases, once one deal elapses, another one arrives in a few weeks. So if you don’t find an exceptional deal today, walk away and give it a few weeks, where you may find a special offer for the car you want.

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