When you decide it is time to go shopping for a new truck or car, you should shop around for car dealer rebates because that will save you the most money. Finding the best car deals right now will ensure you can get the most for your money and if you can find car clearance deals for 2020, you will keep your new car purchase in budget. If you are looking for the best car deals 2020, make sure to contact us at Hartland Automotive Sales in Elkhart, IN. we can provide exceptional service along with the best car deals August 2020.

Rebates Come from the Manufacturer

While a car dealer can offer a lot of amazing rates on the vehicles you purchase, if you are getting a rebate, then that is something that comes from the manufacturer. This means that the rebate is free money that the manufacturer is handing out to motivate you to purchase a certain make or model of a new vehicle. Many dealerships like to use this to make it seem like they are working for you with the saved money or to make the price of the vehicle look less. But be aware that this is free money from the manufacturer.

How These Rebates Work?

That last section was not to discourage you from using rebates. These rebates can save you a lot of money on a new vehicle. But it is important to understand how they work so you can actually get the discount. These rebates are offered by the manufacturer in the hopes of getting the consumer to purchase their specific vehicle. No matter what the dealership may try to discuss with you, the dealer rebates have nothing to do with the selling price you negotiate on a new vehicle.

In fact, this rebate is going to usually be applied as a down payment on the vehicle instead. However, if you already have a trade-in or a good down payment, you can then request that the rebate is sent to you by check and you will receive it from the manufacturer. Most people choose to use the cash as a down payment because they will not need to bring their own down payment with them and it reduces the price of the vehicle.

Remember that a rebate is just one of the incentives that the dealership and car manufacturers can provide to you. Learn about these rebates and how they work so you can save as much money on the purchase of a new vehicle before you even go in and talk to a dealer.

Whether you are looking for the best used car deals right now or even factory to dealer incentive, our team at Hartland Automotive Sales can help. You find the perfect rebate to save you money. With all the great new options of vehicles available, you are sure to find one you love and we can make sure you get the best car clearance deals of 2020. Contact us today to get started.