How Much Will a Dealership Come Down on Price On a New Car?

Often a car dealership is not able to come down as much, at least percentage wise, on a new vehicle as they can on some of the older models. The newer car was more expensive for them to purchase compared to some of the older or used vehicles and they need to make their money back and pay for the sales team as well. You may have more luck negotiating some extra features or for a good warranty if this happens to be the case.

How Much Will a Dealership Come Down on Price on a Used Car?

Car dealers often have more leeway when it comes to used vehicles. They often get these as a trade-in for a different car or for a really good deal so the profit margins are higher. This makes it easier for you to strike a deal with the sales team. You may need to bring your game and be ready to negotiate a bit, but you can often leave a dealership with a really good deal on a vehicle. Knowing when do car dealers drop their prices can be good here as well because it helps you to find some of the best deals around.

How Much Under Sticker Price Should I Pay for a New Car?

The sticker price is simply the amount that the manufacturer suggests the dealership sells the vehicle for. This usually means that there is some wiggle room. The amount will depend on the specific dealership. Some will be find giving you a deal of a few hundred dollars. If you are willing to do a little work though, you could save thousands of dollars off a brand new car. It all depends on how hard you are willing to negotiate with the car dealer.

What to Do If a Salesman Won’t Negotiate

Most salespeople will negotiate on the sale of a car, whether it is used or new, to help you come to an agreement. There are some situations where this may not happen though. Whether the salesperson is not able to negotiate because the profit margins are too thin on that type of vehicle or they just don’t want to budget, you may not be able to see any price movement in your favor. When this happens, you may need to make a decision. Decide whether you are willing to pay for the vehicle at the listed price, or walk away and look somewhere else.

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