At Hartland Automotive Sales, we understand how important your car is to you. It helps to keep your family safe, gets you to work and school, and makes life a lot easier. A good spring cleaning each year can help the car feel as good as new and will ensure that your vehicle will run for much longer. Some of the steps you should take to complete your own spring cleaning include:

The Inside
  • Some of the steps you can take to clean the inside of your vehicle includes:
  • Start at the top and clean down. It is common for dust to settle downwards so if you start at the top, you will be able to catch all of that dust before it gets left behind.
  • Use a carpet cleaner or a gentle fabric cleaner
  • Wipe all of the hard surfaces down.
  • Avoid using finishing products that have oil because they attract dirt.
  • Consider an air compressor to clean out those tight spots.
  • Scrub all of the floor mats. Use a good carpet or fabric cleaner to get rid of all the dirt and mud that will accumulate on your mats over the winter.
  • Vacuum the upholstery and the floors
  • Wash the mirrors and windows. There are special options that you can use that will clean car windows and make them look amazing.
The Exterior
  • Once you are done making the inside of your vehicle look amazing, it is time to work on the outside. Some of the steps you can use to spring clean the outside of your vehicle include:
  • Avoid the car-wash brushes because these will leave some scratches on the car. A handwash is better.
  • Wash the rims to get rid of the brake dust. Be gentle here so you do not end up harming the tires.
  • Scrub the tires. This means all of the tire so that none of the dirt and grime is left behind.
  • Wax the car to get it to look nice. Most car washes will provide some safe and effective wax to help you get this done.
Visiting a Professional
If you do not have the time to do the spring cleaning of your car on your own, you may want to consider hiring a professional to help. Our team at Hartland Automotive Sales are here to help. We can take the best care of your vehicle, making it look amazing no matter what shape of mess it was in when you bring it in. whether you need a little bit of the vehicle cleaned or it is a big mess, you can trust our professionals at Hartland Automotive Sales.

Spring cleaning does not have to be hard to work with. The simple steps we went through in this article can help you get that car cleaned and ready to go. When you are ready to get some help with your car spring cleaning, or you are interested in getting a brand new car, contact us at Hartland Automotive Sales to help you get started.