When you are done with college, it is important to have a good and reliable vehicle that can last you a long time. You need to make it to your new job and do not want to show up in a car that does not work well or will die out on you in no time. With the Honda Graduate Program, you can get a great deal to make life easier. Our team at Hartland Automotive Sales can help you find the right Honda vehicle when you graduate.

What is the Honda Graduate Program?

This is a great program that is meant to help out recent graduates, or those who are about to graduate, get a great deal on a vehicle that can get them to and from work. Life after completing your degree in college is full of a lot of great opportunities. But it is also full of a lot of new expenses. In these situations, an extra $500 will go a long way.

Whatever your needs or dreams are, you need a good car to help you get there. And Honda is happy to provide $500 savings towards a new vehicle to make it easier to get where you want to go. This can be used on some of the newer models of Honda and is even be used on leased vehicles.

If you decide to lease the vehicle, the $500 will apply towards the cap cost of that vehicle. If you decide to purchase the vehicle, then the $500 will go towards the down payment that you would need to pay on the vehicle. You can also combine this program with a few other current offers to save even more money when you get a new vehicle. For a lot of college kids about to pay their student loans, this can provide some welcome relief.

What You Will Need

Before you are able to work on this program, there are a few things that you need to meet to get this deal. These include:
  • Proof that you have a job. You can show a paystub to the current job you have or a firm commitment letter from an employer you will get started with soon.
  • Have graduated within the past two years or plan to graduate in the next six months. Anyone who is further away from graduating than the six months will need to wait until they are close to their graduation date.
  • Provide your Honda dealer with all of the required credit checks and documents.
  • Have a good credit history
The Honda Graduate Program is a great option for a lot of people who would like to get a new vehicle. If you would like to upgrade to a new vehicle but want to get a good deal before you leave college and start working, then this program is a great option. At Hartland Automotive Sales, we are ready to help you get this deal so you can walk away with a new Honda vehicle. 

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